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The CA 2E 400 Toolkit (formerly Synon/1) is a set of over 100 commands and utilities for the IBM i operating system. Many of these utilities are used within the 2E development environment itself but the toolkit is also available as a separate product.

The utilities in the 2E 400 Toolkit are robust and proven around the world with support for double-byte and single-byte languages. Below are some descriptions of the most popular toolkit utilities.



Everyone's favorite, YWRKF is great for editing the data in physical files.


Produces a nicely laid out report showing all the fields in the file, types and lengths. Also very useful are the fields positions - start and end positions within the file.

Various file details are included at the top of the report - the record format name - LVLCHK no - etc For PF's it shows all the dependent LF's built on top. For LF's it shows all the keys and select omit criteria.

All this is available through IBM commands, YDOCF <file> just does it nicer.


Converts IBM i spool files to text, HTML or PDF format. You'll find several alternatives on the web. This one is proven in enterprise-level production systems, supports multiple languages including Japanese and Chinese, has no runtime licensing and comes with access to 24x7 technical support from CA.

List commands

The toolkit has a set of commands for building and manipulating lists of IBM i objects. The list commands are useful for automating all kinds of programming and systems management tasks. Rick Ceyba has a very good Powerpoint presentation about the list commands with some interesting examples of their use:


Menu commands

The toolkit provides a 5250 menu system that provides on-the-fly design and management of menus to control and assist user access.

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