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Choosing your subject

What to write about.

Formatting your page

Headings, text, pictures and links.

Use of language

The tool we are writing about is known as 2E, When writing your page you can use the name "2E" and most people will know what you are talking about.

If you want to use the product's current full name then it is CA 2E.

CA is "CA" not "Computer Associates"

Catagories and navigation

Navigation Pages...

Keep to the basic topic names if you can:

  • Eg Topic
  • Eg Topic
  • Eg Topic

Add the topic name as a category in your article. Then add some additional category key words to help people find your article. If you wish, add a link to one or more of the main topic navigation pages:

  • Eg Topic Page
  • Eg Topic Page
  • Eg Topic Page

If the page you write is a continuation of another article, you may prefer to add a link of one of the other pages. Having some knind of navigation link to your page is preferable to help people find it.

Seeking help and advice

Not sure how to select a topic or catagory for your page? Link to the "park it!" page. Other people can help advise you, or provide comments to assist.

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