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CA 2E is a model-based application development and code generation tool for the IBM i (formerly System i, iSeries and AS/400) platform. 2E began life on the IBM System/38 in the 1980's when it was known as Synon/2. When IBM launched the AS/400, 2E was renamed Synon/2E and became the predominant application development tool on that platform. 2E continues to be widely used today and there are many very large IBM i applications being maintained and developed with 2E.

A typical 2E application may comprise in the region of 500-1500 database tables (known as physical files on the AS/400) plus associated programs, 5250 user interfaces and reports. Based on design information entered in a model, 2E automatically generates all of this code and provides a choice of RPG IV ILE, COBOL ILE, COBOL, RPG III, SQL and DDS implementation languages. The model-based development environment includes strong impact analysis features that help to streamline ongoing application maintenance.

In recent years, web-enablement and web services have been added to the product.


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