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What is a Wiki?

The suggestion for a Plex Wiki was made by several people during the 2nd Annual Plex/2E Worldwide User Event. Of course it is only natural that there should be a 2E Wiki too.

Wiki pages can be thought of as individual items that can be linked to one another. Pages can be viewed, edited and saved using a web browser. This makes it easy to contribute new pages to a Wiki, or to update pages that have been created by another Wiki user.

Getting Started

The Wiki technology does not automatically provide menus and navigation to permit the browsing of the information.

Hopefully someone from the 2E community will get the ball rolling. Take a look at the Plex Wiki for some ideas.


The quickest way to find information in the Wiki is to use the search box.

When writing pages it is also possible to label the article with one or more catagories.

[[Category:Category name]]

See also: WikiMedia Help

What can you do?

This is a brief introduction to the 2E Wiki, and Wikis in general. If you have read this page and want to add or amend it please do so, that is the power of using a Wiki.

There are many more features provided by this Wiki software, I have not mentioned the ability to comment and discuss a page, or to contact a Wiki user via the "talk" facility. I will leave that for another time, or for another user to add...

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