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Q: How to translate "CONFIRM: (Y/N)" to (swedish) "UPPDATERA: (J/N)"?

A: Find the *CONFIRM field in the data dictionary. Edit conditions and switch the Y value to contain J. Change the names of "Confirm" and "Do not confirm" (optional). Exit the model. Make sure no one is using the model. YWRKF YFLDDTARFP, find the *CONFIRM field and update the record. Change the LHS heading to "UPPDATERA:" and the RHS heading to "(J/N)". (This field can't be edited through the normal model interface.) DLTUSRSPC YOBJTBLSPC. (This step forces the tool to reload the "working area" for the model.) Now regenerate the display functions.

If someone who reads this knows another way of doing the above, please add that method as well, or simply replace my description. #Magnus Gull�

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