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Dear all,

Can one one plz give the answer to the following questions.

1.Describe a routine for the allocation of unique number from control file?

2. How to add *SFLDROP to the subfile?

3. How to add the field in device design without pressing F19?

4. what is internal functions with examples? How is it implemented in synon?

5. What is external functions with exampless? How is it implemented in synon?

6.What is *master and *slave type in function option?

7. Differnce between DRV with other function fields?

8. What is virtual field with examples?

9. How is owned by resolved?

10 How is know by resolved?

11.What is qualified by with example?

12.different types of file in synon?

13.when qry access path is used and why it is used instead of LF?

14. diffence between excusrsrc and excusrpgm?

15. difference between excextfun and excintfun? In what scenario this functions are used?

16. How to add PRTOBJ to the PRTFIL?

17 How many PRTOBJS are added to the PRTFIL?

18 Which one is to improve the performance of the system,EXCEXTFUN or RTVOBJ?

19.What source code is implemented in RPG when you pass parameters as FLD,RCD and KEY in synon?

Bye, Narayan.

Narayan, for this kind of basic information I suggest you register on the CA support web site ( You can then download the 2E manuals for free.

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