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CA 2E Web Option is a web-enablement tool for 2E (and non-2E) 5250 applications. Web Option takes the 5250 data stream and automatically converts it to HTML. The conversion is based on user-definable "skeletons" which can be customized to enhance the appearance and functionality of the resultant web page.

Some of the advantages of Web Option include:

  • Creates pure HTML pages with no download requirements for end-users
  • Integration with 2E simplifies the development cycle
  • Completely IBM i-based solution that uses the Apache Web Server on i OS
  • Fast and cost-effective way to web-enable an existing 5250 application.
  • Multiple language support including single-byte and double-byte languages.

Web Option is being regularly updated with enhancements, most recently in 2E 8.5.


Web Option consists of 2 parts:

  • The HTML Generator, which initially generates the skeleton web pages. A skeleton is generated for each possible screen (so there could be multiple skeletons per display file). The HTML Generator can be invoked directly from within a 2E model (from various different model screens) or from a command line. The HTML Generator is a licensed product, for which a machine-specific license code must be supplied.
  • The Runtime Server, which runs a client interactive job, merging screen data into the pre-generated skeleton pages and displaying them to the browser. If a screen is displayed for which a skeleton has not already been generated, the Runtime Server will display a Just-In-Time (JIT) web page, which resembles the underlying green-screen. The Runtime Server is unlicensed, meaning that it can be deployed to many separate machines with no license requirements.

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